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We Have to Talk - 5 things about your house that are hard to hear

Posted: December 06, 2019 by Shelly Peterson

When a real estate agent visits your home for the first time to present her market analysis she is incredibly optimistic. She wants to love your home as much as you do. She wants to be able to say that you will be able to get your asking price in twenty-four hours and Settle on the perfect day for you.

But sometimes after walking through your front door her stomach will start to knot because she knows she is going to have to sit at your table and tell you some things about your home that are hard to hear.

You can't hide the smell of cats

It is such an amazing thing that people cannot smell their own houses. Or worse you know there is a cat-ish aroma so you burn candles to cover it up. Your agent is going to have to be straight with you – it’s a deal breaker for 100% of buyers. We can recommend a company that can help remediate the odor but it may involve as much as repainting and new carpets. If you have cats ask a third party to enter your home and be straight with you. Start the work as soon as possible!

Your wallpaper will keep your home from selling.

Even if it’s nice wallpaper a vast percentage of buyers will reject it. Modern wallpaper is much easier to remove than old but most buyers just flat out do not want the hassle. It has to come off or the price that you will sell for will be affected.

You have too much stuff

Every item in your home is precious, we know, but it’s hiding the great bones of your house. Buyers will see your stuff – not your house – and have a hard time picturing themselves in it. You will have to move it anyway when the house sells so pack it up now! Speak with your agent before you start, however, to get a sense of how much really has to go. You don’t want to get rid of SO much that your home starts to resemble a monk’s abode. Work with your agent to find a happy medium.

1986 wants its kitchen and bathrooms back

Oh boy – this is a hard one. If you have an older kitchen and baths the price will have to be lower. It’s that simple. And adding granite counter tops on 30 year old cabinets is not going to work. Save yourself the trouble and agree to a lower price.

You need professional cleaning help

No agent wants to tell you that your house is not spic and span. She knows that you have a busy life! It is safe to assume that, if you are going on the market, it is best to call a professional just before your photos are taken and get the house scrubbed. Add that to the cost of selling your home and let your agent know that is your plan!

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