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Preparing Your House for Sale (Part 1 of 2) Main Photo

Preparing Your House for Sale (Part 1 of 2)

Posted: March 04, 2020 by Shelly Peterson

1.      1. Plan Ahead


·         Call your Realtor (ME!) and make an appointment to chat as soon as you are thinking about moving. Her advice will be invaluable as you move forward.  

·         Walk through each room and even take photos with your phone to get a Buyers perspective.

·         Consider getting a professional home inspection to see if any repairs are needed.

·         Mike a list of any major projects and begin to get quotes on doing the work. Even if you aren’t able to perform the repairs the quotes will be helpful to your agent.

·         Speak to your agent ad, if she thinks it’s prudent, get an appraisal to find out your current market value.

·         Hold a yard sale. Sell, donate or trash anything you don't need.


2. Clean, Declutter and Depersonalize


·         Get your home professionally cleaned. Now is the time!

·         Clean your hardwood floors.

·         Steam clean carpets and drapes. Consider replacing carpet if stains are prominent.

·         Repair cracks and holes in the walls.

·         Paint interior walls with neutral colors, like beige, cream or taupe.

·         Remove excess and oversized furniture.

·         Rearrange furniture to maximize space. Ask your agent to put you in touch with a stager if necessary.

·         Organize room closets and store out-of-season clothes.

·         Remove all small appliances, toys, magazines and pet items.

·         Remove personal collections and medications.

·         Remove items from the garage and store them off site.

·         Secure valuable items, including cash and jewelry.


3. Pay Attention to Kitchens and Bathrooms


·         Scrub the floors.

·         Clear the countertops.

·         Replace outdated hardware.

·         Clean appliances and fixtures.

·         Clean and organize the pantry, cabinets and drawers.

·         Replace old caulking around sinks and bathtubs.

·         Remove stains from sinks, toilets and bathtubs.

·         Keep all toilet seat lids closed.

·         Hang new fluffy towels.

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